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ナオxユカ ♥

Naoyuka ♥ 浦田直也x後藤友香里 Community ♥
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Naoyuka ~ ナオユカ
♥ 浦田直也x後藤友香里 Community ♥

This is a community to share our love for the Naoyuka pairing, aka NaoyaxYukari from AAA (even if Yukari left the group). Pictures, videos, fanworks... we're trying to bring as many things as we can find for you.

Don't forget that you can help us making this community more active by sending us what you find which haven't been posted here yet. We'll credit you ! ;)

Maintained by : chikanatsuroom, silystya and spifle.
Don't forget the introduction post. It contains a brief explanation and the rules.

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