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Scans ♥ Hawaii Photoshoots !

Hi there ! First of all, I apologize for never taking time to update this community. m(_ _)m

But since I'm currently dealing with a loooooot of communities (same for spifle by the way), and actually, all of us are kinda busy with school to be there all the time.

But anyway, I'm back here for a small update today !

Maybe some of you already saw that, if not, I posted a few scans on my LJ a few days ago.
And among all of those, a lovely Naoyuka scan ♥

This is a small version of the scan so it doesn't freeze your computers.
But you can download a higher resolution on my LJ @silystya as well as some additional scans from Hawaii ! =]

Well then, I'll try to find some time to post here from time to time. — See ya~♥

Gifspam ★ Wonderful Life

Hey everybody ! silystya 's here with gifts for you !
(Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas to everyone (as this is the time ^^))

We opened this community a while ago, but never took the time to post here :/

(Yeah, we all have our student life and are busy, but another great thing of being a student : vacations ^-^)
As chikanatsuroom pointed me out that we had to do something, here I am !

Okay, so here is my first real post here :)
People who know me from nissychiaki and/or shinsako know that I'm the #1 gifspammer here 8D

So here are a few GIFs from Wonderful Life (because this is THE PV of AAA *w*)

Well, see ya~ very soon (I hope) ♥
( If not here, @nissychiaki or @shinsako ;) )


Before posting something else here...
Let's start with the presentation of our two members ! :)

後藤友香里Goto Yukari
Urata Naoya

Birth Date:
Birth Place: 東京都 (Tokyo)
Height: 162cm
Weight: 44kg
Blood Type: B型

Nicknames: Yukarin, Yuka-chan

Favorite colors: Pink, Black
Favorite artists: Namie Amuro, D-LOOP, L'Arc-en-Ciel (especially testuya)
Favorite movies: Resident Evil
Favorite food: Fruits, Ice, Water
Seiyuu: レモンエンジェルプロジェクト (Lemon Angel Project), voiced Kawabe Yuki

Works after AAA:
1st Photobook "REVIVE"
1st DVD "GO TO→"

Birth Date: 1982/11/10
Birth Place: 東京都 (Tokyo)
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: B型

Urara, Naoya-kun, Leader, Naoyan, Nao-chan, Nao-kun

Favorite colors: Neon yellow green, White, Green, Silver
Favorite artists: DA PUMP, Justin Timberlake, Hamasaki Ayumi
Favorite movies: You Got Served
Favorite food: Nattou, Menchikatsu

Dramas & Movies: ヒートアイランド(Heat Island)
未来世紀シェイクスピア (Mirai Seiki Shakespeare)
Radio: AAA no Radio'n Fire (2006-2008)
AAA Urata Naoya no Ike Urata Naoya (2008-)
Solo: 1st album "TURN OVER"   

Welcome Here Everybody !

First of all, let me introduce ourselves and this community.

Let's start by the maintainers : they are the same than nissychiaki 's ones
ie. chikanatsuroom , spifle and I silystya
So we can say that it's an old partnership that still goes on =D
And as you probably already saw with the Nicchi community, we work perfectly together XP

Now, let's talk a little bit about the story of this community =D
First, you should have guessed : it's a community dedicated to the pairing NaoyaXYukari.
After spifle and I opened shinsako , Nina said that with Nicchi and Shinsako, the Naoyuka one was missing !
That's why we decided to open this one too, to work again together on one of our favorite pairings.

Why do we support this pairing in particular ?
<< Just because it is THE pairing in AAA that no one can deny ! >> dixit chikanatsuroom ;)

Of course, you're all welcome here, but if you do support Naoyuka, that's better !

If you have something to share with the community (pictures that aren't being posted yet, gifs, icons, wallpapers, fanarts, fanfics or any other), feel free to send them to one of the moderators (Spifle, Chikanatsuroom & Silystya).
One of us will post them (with appropriate credits of course !).

Last but not least :

We don't ask you to support the same pairing, we're not a sect.
But we want you to respect everyone that will post or comment here.
We don't care which member you prefer/don't like, which pairing you support, as long as you stay tolerant.
/!\ We won't accept haters' message there /!\

I wish you a good day ! Please, enjoy this community ! =)


Naoyuka ♥ 浦田直也x後藤友香里 Community ♥

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